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Profile | SWAAV – Tailored Magnificence


The age old tradition of tailored looks for men goes back quite a few centuries. The Italians have perfected the craft and now Saville Row has taken the tradition to new Bespoke levels.

In South Africa, the brand SWAAV created by Motselisi Silindane – affectionately known as MC, is using these techniques to offer a consultative approach to her clients. Her clients comprise of Men of distinction, from Media personalities to top Executives and prominent Law Advocates.

We recently caught up with her, and this is what she has to say:

SWAAV is a Gentlemen’s image consultancy business with a customized service, where we take a client’s through a style analysis. This includes taking their measurements and creating clothes to the frame of their body. We create suits and shirts for our clientele and also advise on colour and cut best suited for the individual client.

Men are spending more on themselves, taking time to look good. The trend is going more customized, with more people who want clothes made for them. The idea was influenced by a trip to West Africa, where men are much more inclined to go  for the customised services.


What’s exciting now is that the Men I’m exposed to are taking responsibility for their looks. There’s growing interest and intrigue in the whole look. Younger clients, in their 20’s to 30+ are more influenced by trends as they are trying to find who they are in the world

Older, conservative 40+ men are more comfortable with themselves and can afford the luxury of creating an image that works for them.


Colour analysis is a key component to our service. We work with the client in front of a mirror in daylight and check the different effects that different colours have on them.

It’s important that colour should not wear you down or drown you out. You wear the colour and the colour should not wear you. Expression lines have to recede to background and make you stand out.
How you feel wearing the garment is important and for clients who are still very convervative and only prefer darker suits, we introduce colour through accessories like ties etc.


For this year, the plan is to grow the brand and go out there to meet the right people. We have a consultancy Space at The Pivot, Montecasino in Fourways and are working towards opening a studio.

I am passionate about working with boys, to help empower them as our society is currently creating an imbalance of empowering young girls and neglecting the boys.

At Swaav, we use fabric and colour to bring out the best in people. We even go an extra mile to engrave a secret message as part of your garment. A positive message, personalized to you and for you.


The person I would most like to dress is Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

What does Luxury mean to you?
Warm fuzzy feeling, confident, comfortable. Being free to have the licence to be myself and not having to apologise for it

Favourite books:

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

The Soul bird, Michal Snunit

Best holiday destination:

Venice, Italy – I love water
Romantic, laid back, rejuvenation

Which other country in Africa do you want to live in:

Zanzibar, water

How do people contact you:


Set up a consultation appointment

Contact details: 011 024 6925