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Book review | Ghana must go


Author, Taiye Selasi’s first novel is quite a page turner. From the moment you start to read the first page and meet the Patriach of the Sai family dying in the garden, you’re immediately captivated by the thoughts going through his mind and enticed into all the events that led him there.

The book is about family, love, loss, connection, forgiveness, death, life. It takes place between America, Nigeria and Ghana. The reader is introduced to the beautiful meanings of the West African names, and with that strong tone is set for what’s to unfold as a richly observed and beautifully written story.

If you love Chimamanda Adichie or Zadie Smith, you will fall in love with Taiye. She writes with such a depth that its astonishing that this is only her debut novel. We cant wait to hear more from her.