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Book review | Sweet Medicine by Panashe Chigumadzi


Summer is here (almost) and wether you opt for the Beach, the Bush or lazing by the Pool – a good book is as good a companion as any.

Sweet Medicine is set around the life of a young woman, Tsitsi in modern day Zimbabwe. It is about love, family, religion, African tradition and  a woman’s fight to maintain her status quo by all means necessary. The story is also a take on feminism and the choices women make on the daily to survive.

Tsisi does her best to please the people she loves, whilst doing the utmost to maintain her own success. She tries hard to be this sophisticated version of herself while hiding some debilitating fears about losing it all.

It is beautifully written, and one of those that will be hard to put down. This Sweet Medicine might just be all we need to get through the long Summer days. Enjoy!