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Review | If Chairs could talk


Nich attended the latest exhibition for artist Yinka Ilori ‘s September exhibition in London. The exhibition, “If chairs could Talk” is an artistic exploration that goes beyond the object itself. Indeed, when we think of a chair, the fact that it might be a piece of art filled with emotion does not come immediately to mind. .

The artist leads us into a unique world where every chair refers to a person he met and who inspired him during his life. These chairs have personalities, names, significant symbols (shapes and personified accessories) that allow us not to look at these as common lifestyle objects but as pieces of art that tell a story, a history even and why couldn’t this be our history?


Yinka Ilori brings us back to Africa through this collection. As you know, the chairs in Africa are often important pieces that allow, in a given society, to designate people’s status. In this case he does not rank these in the order of importance, he personalizes them, fills them full of emotion, but above all it shows that each personality has its charm, history and purpose that inspires each of us differently.

We were seduced by the diversity of colors. Black is brilliant and fits perfectly with the other very dominant pop colors that Yinka Ilori was able to mix with talent: yellow, blue, fuchsia …
The chairs have been carefully arranged in front of a colorful wall that gives a great feeling of immersion into an African accented home. The details are very carefully and whimsically placed , reminding us that the artist may be an industrial designer first but is also a dreamer.


The Bluebird shop, a delightful place to begin with where all arts meet, gains so much more thanks to this little world created by the artist, a rainbow of African inspirations.
No need to state the obvious we were truly delighted with this collection and the beautiful people present at the inauguration. We are awaiting impatiently to see this artist’s next projects .